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Pro-Beijing lawmaker Elizabeth Quat receives ‘death threat’ containing dead cockroaches in post

Pro-Beijing lawmaker Elizabeth Quat has said she has received a threatening letter containing dead cockroaches. She said her assistant considered it to be a death threat.

Quat said she has been receiving all kinds of threatening letters, such as ones containing white powder and faeces. It was her female assistant who opened the letter on Monday.

Elizabeth Quat cockroach

Photo: Handout.

She said she has reported the case to the police, though no arrest has been made.

Quat added that her assistant was startled, and her scream shocked people in the office: “The letter was very disgusting… My female staff member was very scared and almost cried. She was not feeling well and considered it a death threat.”

“The person who sent this was extremely naive. Threats are a serious crime,” she said.

Quat was one of the lawmakers who, in March, received a batch of threatening letters sent from Japan, including a note calling upon the public to assassinate two election officers and the justice secretary for barring pro-democracy candidates from the recent by-election.

Elizabeth Quat

Elizabeth Quat. Photo: HKFP/Catherine Lai.

“I believe many would agree that lawmakers and public officers should not be intimidated, and they should not exercise their duties under fear,” she said. “This is Hong Kong’s core value.”

“I urge young people not to commit these acts, thinking that they can do anything because it is difficult to find the culprit.”

Pro-Beijing lawmaker Elizabeth Quat receives 'death threat' containing dead cockroaches in post