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University apologises over leaked CCTV footage of suspects posting signs teasing education deputy over son’s death

Education University (EdUHK) has apologised after CCTV footage was leaked of two individuals suspected to have posted messages teasing a government official over her son’s death.

The eldest son of Education Undersecretary Choi Yuk-lin died after falling from a Tsim Sha Tsui flat on Thursday morning. Signs bearing the slogan “Congratulations Choi Yuk-lin’s son on going west” subsequently appeared on the campus’s Democracy Wall, on top of banners supporting freedom of expression and Hong Kong independence.

choi yuk-lin education secretary son death signs

Signs saying “Congratulations Choi Yuk-lin on the death of your son” appeared on top of other signs protesting the removal of banners advocating independence on Education University’s Democracy Wall. Photo: Chung Kim Wah/Facebook.

EdUHK President Stephen Cheung said on Friday morning that the school was using CCTV footage to identify the responsible parties. He said that the university would follow strict procedures in using the technology owing to privacy laws.

A few hours after Cheung’s statement, CCTV footage leaked online of two men sticking up pieces of paper on the campus’s Democracy Wall at 5:03pm on Thursday afternoon.

One man wore a black t-shirt and long trousers and carried a backpack, according to Oriental Daily. The other man wore glasses, a white t-shirt and a dark-coloured jumper. He also carried a bag and his phone.

The two individuals appeared to be around 20 years old, but it remains unclear whether they are students at EdUHK.

stephen cheung education university vice-chancellor

Vice-chancellor of Education University Stephen Cheung. Photo: i-Cable screenshot.

EdUHK said that it strongly regretted the leaked footage, and that it would notify the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data of the incident, according to RTHK. It urged media outlets to stop sharing the images in order to protect the involved parties’ privacy, and to give school authorities the space to undertake its own investigation.

EdUHK said that CCTV footage collected at the university was used only for internal security purposes.

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University apologises over leaked CCTV footage of suspects posting signs teasing education deputy over son's death