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‘FactWire will maintain its stand,’ says newswire after receiving threat for subway train exposé

Hong Kong newswire FactWire has said it will stand its ground after receiving a threat for its investigative report about the recall of faulty subway trains from a mainland manufacturer.

“In the face of possible reprisal, FactWire will maintain its stand,” the newswire said in a statement published on Wednesday, “its investigation reports are not meant to target any particular party. We have a duty to the truth.”

The investigative journalism platform said it received an anonymous message on July 21 saying that “the subway train story has caused a big reaction, someone sent/ sending some trouble your way.”

FactWire statement

FactWire statement. Photo: Facebook screencap.

In early July, the newswire revealed that a mainland manufacturer which also manufactured trains for use in Hong Kong had secretly recalled trains from Singapore’s subway operator SMRT Trains Ltd due to cracks found in train components.

FactWire claimed that on July 26, a man stopped outside their offices and counted the number of security cameras installed there. An “unknown mark” was found outside the office afterwards, said the company.

china train MTR

Chinese-made MTR train running on Kwun Tong line. Photo: WikiMedia.

It said that it stepped up security measures and the protection of journalistic information under their custody in response.

FactWire also said it would not speculate on the identity of the party and reminded its reporters to be vigilant for their personal safety. However, “the extra precautions we have exercised has invariably strained our already very stringent budget,” it said.

'FactWire will maintain its stand,' says newswire after receiving threat for subway train exposé