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4 more acquitted of charges of rioting in Mong Kok

Charges have been dropped against four more people accused of rioting during protests that broke out in Mong Kok in February.

Four out of the 21 people accused appeared before the Kowloon City Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday morning to answer charges of rioting – Tsang Kin-hang, Sit Kwun-fai, Kenny Wong Hok-shun and Ho Ying-kit.

mong kok fehd riot protest

File photo: Joel Christian.

Other cases were adjourned to September 21 or October 4 for hearing.

The prosecution applied to transfer the cases of four to the District Court. The maximum prison sentence that could be handed down by the District court was seven years.

Of the four, Yeung Ka-lun was charged with rioting and arson – his charges were changed to rioting and attempted arson.

mong kok unrest fire

File photo: Joel Christian.

Charges for Churk Ling-hon were changed from rioting to attacking police officers on duty; charges for Chan Ho-man were changed from rioting to wounding.

The cases of ten people will be consolidated as a new case. Charges of criminal destruction, assault, and attacking police officers on duty were added for some, to be heard later when transferred to the District Court.

The charges were related to violent clashes that broke out in February between police and protesters angry over the government’s clearing of street hawkers.

4 more acquitted of charges of rioting in Mong Kok