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‘Chinese pride’? Pro-establishment groups slammed for littering nature walk after patriotic stunt

Pro-establishment groups including Silent Majority and Alliance for Peace and Democracy have been criticised for littering after jointly hosting a public demonstration on Victoria Peak.

trash victoria peak, alliance for peace and democracy, silent majority of hong kong

Trash on Victoria Peak after the pro-establishment group demonstration. Photo: Facebook Screenshot.

Sunday’s event, entitled “Positive Energy . United On Victoria Peak”, involved attendees holding hands and forming a circle to surround Lugard Road and Harlech Road. According to organisers, the purpose was to demonstrate their solidarity and pride as Chinese people. The group claimed that around 5,000 people attended.

Images of discarded placards, trash and bottles later surfaced on Facebook. Some of the images showed signs that read: “Proud to be Chinese” laid on the sidewalk, others showed rubbish bags and unused boxes.

“Would this group of proud Chinese people please clean up the rubbish on Lugard Road,” one commenter said.

Robert Chow Yung, Alliance for Peace and Democracy spokesperson, told Ming Pao that organisers had arranged for 30 people to clean up after the event. He added that the trail was 3.5 kilometres long, so it could take time for the cleaners to remove the rubbish.

Robert Chow Silent Majority

Robert Chow (right) with a member of the Silent Majority for Hong Kong. Photo: HongWrong

Chow, a Beijing loyalist, is also the founder of Silent Majority movement which was critical of the 2014 pro-democracy Occupy protests.

'Chinese pride'? Pro-establishment groups slammed for littering nature walk after patriotic stunt