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MTR staffer brawls with ‘property agent’ in Hung Hom station, both arrested

Two men were arrested on Wednesday night after fighting inside the Hung Hom MTR station.

Warning: violent scene.

1915 紅磡火車站 地產佬打港鐵職員 (片段由市民提供)最新跟進:差人拉晒港鐵職員同地產佬,「在公眾地方打架」

Posted by Lau Ting On on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A video posted on Facebook showed a man in a white shirt repeatedly punching another in a yellow MTR staff vest. Onlookers tried to separate the pair, who were wrestling on the ground. Police confirmed to HKFP that a 42-year-old MTR staff member surnamed Cheung was involved in the brawl. The other, surnamed Poon, aged 20, was said to be a property agent.

The scuffle happened outside the paid area of the station at around 7pm, a police spokesman said. Both were sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital with head injuries. They were detained on suspicion of fighting in a public place.

MTR staffer brawls with 'property agent' in Hung Hom station, both arrested