The top stories in the Beijing Daily are, in order of layout:

  • Xi Jinping’s visit to Myanmar and building of a “community of common destiny”
  • A story (with a jump to page three) about Xi Jinping emphasising a “strong military” during his visit in Yunnan province
  • Xi Jinping’s positive New Year’s message to people during his visit in Yunnan
  • report about Beijing’s top leader, Cai Qi (蔡奇) meeting with “old comrades”
  • A report about a city-level conference of the Party leadership

One might suggest that Party media at the local and national levels do not have their priorities straight. But these pages are clear declarations of priority, and they point to the very nature of the so-called “Party nature.” It is only that the sense of dissonance becomes more pronounced when the country faces a real and pressing crisis that should dominate the news.

Republished with permission from the China Media Project.