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New pro-democracy district councillor says Kwun Tong’s ‘white elephant’ musical fountain could play protest anthem

A pro-democracy district councillor in Kwun Tong has suggested that a controversial musical fountain project in the area could be programmed to play a popular protest song. Newly re-elected councillor Winnie Poon has also suggested a permanent “Lennon Wall” message board for the community.

The musical fountain has been described as a “white elephant,” with a price tag of HK$50 million. The funding, however, was approved by the Legislative Council and construction on the feature has begun.

Since Hong Kong democrats gained control of 17 out of the city’s 18 district councils, one of the main issues the camp wished to tackle was to repeal extravagant projects.

Kwun Tong promenade music fountain

Artist rendering of the proposed music fountain. Photo: LegCo.

Poon – the Kowloon Bay district councillor who won back her seat last month – said in a Facebook post that, since the construction for the fountain had begun, the local council would have to compensate the contractor if the project is cancelled.

She suggested that the fountain could be scaled down, and it should play music from the community including the protest anthem “Glory to Hong Kong.”

She also said a monument should be established as a warning to the public about how the project was forcefully pushed through.

“I believe this is the best way to set out a ‘Lennon Park’ or ‘Lennon Wall’ in the shortest time. If we start over again, it may take three to five years,” she said.

Winnie Poon

Winnie Poon’s election promotional material. Photo: GovHK.

She said she expected to face opposition among the Kwun Tong District Council.

“But I believe we can find a proposal acceptable to most people through peaceful and rational discussion,” she said.

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New pro-democracy district councillor says Kwun Tong's 'white elephant' musical fountain could play protest anthem