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Video: Democrats, celebs and activists appear in ‘Manifesto of Hong Kong Protesters’ video ahead of Sunday demo

A group of activists, artists, students and legal and medical workers have appeared in a video repeating a “Manifesto of Hong Kong Protesters” and reiterating the demands of the anti-extradition law movement.

The manifesto was first read out on July 1 by activists who broke into – and briefly occupied – the main chamber of the Legislative Council building.

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Hong Kong’s Anti-extradition Law Campaign, who published the video clip on Saturday, said in a press release that protesters “have demonstrated solidarity, stamina and courage” in recent weeks.

The statement said that the reading of the manifesto in the legislature “showed how determined Hongkongers could be in defence of freedom and in pursuit of democracy, even in the worst of times.”

The clip features artists Sampson Wong and Yeung Sau Churk, activists Joshua Wong and Baggio Leung, musician Anthony Wong, ex-lawmaker Audrey Eu and the anti-extradition law hunger strikers, among others.

Hong Kong’s Civil Human Rights Front will hold a march on Sunday calling for an independent commission of inquiry into recent protests and the police use of force. On Saturday, thousands attended a pro-government rally, accusing protesters of using violence to achieve their aims.

Since June, protesters have also been demanding a complete withdrawal of the extradition bill, the withdrawal of the “riot” characterisation of the June 12 protests, the unconditional release of all arrested protesters, as well as universal suffrage.

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Photo: May James.

The bill would allow the city to handle case-by-case fugitive transfers to jurisdictions with no prior arrangements, including China. Chief Executive Carrie Lam declared the bill “dead” last week, but did not enact any mechanism to withdraw it.

Video: Democrats, celebs and activists appear in 'Manifesto of Hong Kong Protesters' video ahead of Sunday demo