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HKFP Lens: Breathtaking photojournalism from the World Press Photo awards

The World Press Photo Foundation has announced the winners for the 2019 Photo Contest and its 2019 Digital Storytelling contest awards. [Graphic content below]. To find an exhibition near to your city, check their website.

John Moore

Crying Girl on the Border. Photo: John Moore, United States, Getty Images.

Pieter Ten Hoopen

The Migrant Caravan. Photo: Pieter Ten Hoopen, Netherlands/Sweden, Agence VU/Civilian Act.

Diana Markosian

The Cubanitas. Photo: Diana Markosian, Russia/United States, Magnum Photos.

Mary F. Calvert

Male Rape. Photo: Mary F. Calvert, United States.

Enayat Asadi

Afghan Refugees Waiting to Cross the Iranian Border. Photo: Enayat Asadi, Iran.

Brent Stirton

Akashinga – the Brave Ones. Photo: Brent Stirton, South Africa, Getty Images.


Evacuated. Photo: Wally Skalij, United States, Los Angeles Times.

Mário Cruz

Living Among What’s Left Behind. Photo: Mário Cruz, Portugal.

Chris McGrath

The Disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi. Photo: Chris McGrath, Australia, Getty Images

Daniele Volpe

Still Life Volcano. Photo: Daniele Volpe, Italy.

Brendan Smialowski

Unilateral. Photo: Brendan Smialowski, United States, Agence France-Presse.

John T. Pedersen

Boxing in Katanga. Photo: John T. Pedersen, Norway.

Sunlight Serve

Sunlight Serve. Photo: David Gray, Australia, Reuters.

Ezra Acayan

The Death of Michael Nadayo. Photo: Ezra Acayan, Philippines.

Pedro Pardo

Climbing the Border Fence. Photo: Pedro Pardo, Mexico, Agence France-Presse.

HKFP Lens: Breathtaking photojournalism from the World Press Photo awards