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Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong joins Chinese dissident Wang Dan’s think tank

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong has announced that he will be joining a think tank led by Chinese dissident Wang Dan aimed at advocating democracy in China.

The think tank is expected to launch this year on June 4 – the 29th anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre. Also dubbed the “June Fourth Incident,” it is estimated that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people died when the People’s Liberation Army was deployed to crack down on pro-democracy students in Beijing in 1989.

wang dan

Wang Dan. Photo: 王丹网站 Wang Dan’s Page.

Wang Dan was a prominent student leader during the pro-democracy movement. He has been living in exile since and moved from Taiwan to Washington DC last year.

In a press release on Friday, Wang said that the think tank will engage in political analysis and policy research, gathering voices across generations and fostering dialogue to encourage democratisation and liberalisation in China.

Wong confirmed on Saturday on his Facebook page that he will joining the think tank, and said he hoped to advocate democracy in the international arena and “resist the authoritarian regime.”

Joshua Wong

Joshua Wong. File Photo: In-Media.

Aside from Wong, exiled activists Wang Juntao, Su Xiaokang and Wu’erkaixi, and leader of Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement Lin Fei-fan will also be part of the think tank.

Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong joins Chinese dissident Wang Dan's think tank