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HKFP Lens: Frenchies unleashed – Le Groupe Electrogène Fanfare Club bare all for HKFP exhibition and calendar

chaussette b. has photographed French brass band Le Groupe Electrogène Fanfare Club for a charity calendar. The shots will be exhibited during the band’s gig at HKFP’s fundraiser on Friday. Mildly unsuitable-for-work shots below.
_ghoupe électrogène fanfare club_ by chaussette b. _ Pierre, big drum

Pierre, big drum. Photo: chaussette b.

Sophie, from chaussette b., told HKFP that the idea emerged around a year ago, when one of the band joked about making a naked calendar.
Marco, Pierre and Malik.

Marco, Pierre and Malik. Photo: chaussette b.

Sophie – whose husband plays euphonium in the troupe – was still an amateur photographer, she said, but decided to go for it. “After all, we don’t care about having perfect photographs, we just do that for fun!”

Alex. Photo: chaussette b.

The photos will also be exhibited at HKFP’s new base – The Hive Spring – this Friday.
Anais, snare drum and Romain, trumpet

Romain, trumpet and Anais, snare drum. Photo: chaussette b.


Clément, saxophone

Clément, saxophone. Photo: chaussette b.

 The band then decided to sell the calendar to their friends and family and donate the proceeds to charity. They have yet to decide which charity will benefit.
Jean-Emmanuel, euphonium

Jean-Emmanuel, euphonium. Photo: chaussette b.

The group started as “the ultimate side project of a pack of homesick Frenchies who longed for their homeland’s ‘ferias’, or festivals, with their boisterous atmosphere and their famous marching bands.”
Sandy, trombone

Sandy, trombone. Photo: chaussette b.

“Electrically self-powered, they pay tribute to classic French songs and melodies, fueled with pastis and camaraderie.”
Jean-Edouard, sousaphone

Jean-Edouard, sousaphone. Photo: chaussette b.

Adrien, big sax

Adrien, big sax. Photo: chaussette b.

Calendars and official HKFP merchandise will be available to purchase on the night.
Sébaststien, trumpet

Sébaststien, trumpet. Photo: chaussette b.

Friday’s event is supported by Wine’n’things, Young Master Brewery and the Hive Spring.

 Le Groupe Électrogène Fanfare Club


Official HKFP merchandise will be available at a discount on the night.

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HKFP Lens: Frenchies unleashed - Le Groupe Electrogène Fanfare Club bare all for HKFP exhibition and calendar