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Video: ‘I’d chop you up’ – Elderly woman arrested for common assault and intimidation of domestic worker

The police have arrested a 79-year-old woman after a video of her appearing to assault and intimidate a domestic worker surfaced online.

The woman, surnamed Pang, was arrested on Thursday evening in Wong Tai Sin, police told HKFP. The case has been listed as common assault and criminal intimidation. The woman was released on bail and is required to report to the police in early March.

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Photo: Time News International screenshot.

In a video posted by Time News International on Wednesday, an elderly woman could be seen arguing with the 35-year-old domestic worker. The woman demanded to know what the domestic worker was saying – as she was speaking in her native language. She repeatedly slapped the employee. The clip has since been viewed over 873,000 times,

The woman told the domestic worker: “In the past 20 or so years I’ve never met anyone who’s as aggressive as you. Do you think I don’t know you’re attacking me in your language? I just don’t know what you’re saying…” She then rained blows on the domestic worker again.

Indonesian domestic helper physically abused, threatening to kill and assaulted by her Hong Kong Employer while Streaming on Facebook Live an hour ago. Employer held a pillow over her maid face threat to kill her . some may call that #Provoking, but we can't judge anyone. Well! She needs help and asked us and all of you if this is abuse case ? and can be reported to Police? This barbarian act has to stop against domestic helpers. #Warning This video may show graphics violence or gore. Hong Kong employer slaps, threatens to kill Indonesian maid in disturbing Facebook Live videoA Facebook Live video of a Hong Kong woman slapping and threatening to kill her Indonesian domestic helper has gone viral.In the video, first posted to a news page Time News International, the helper is heard repeatedly saying in Indonesian Bahasa: “Oh Allah, I’m being smacked. I don’t accept her speaking that way to me.” At one point, she quietly calls her assailant “dog” in her native tongue as she is being beaten.Meanwhile, her employer can be heard saying: “Why don’t you speak Chinese? Why are you speaking this other language? I don’t understand.”“You’re so evil, what are you saying about me? Speak! Speak my language. What are you saying? Use Chinese.“I’ve never had anyone make me as angry as you do.”Throughout the course of the tirade, she continues to smack the helper in the face and across the mouth, at one point jabbing her in the cheek with her finger.At various points in the video, the employer attempts to physically drag the helper off the bed, tells her to leave, and even threatens to kill her.Neither the helper nor her assailant have yet been identified, and it is clear the incident took place in Hong Kong midnight 28 Feb 2018Early in the video, the helper can be heard saying: “For small things you always come in [my room] like this.”The employer can then be heard calling the helper useless and blaming her for making her lose her temper.The helper then tries to reason with the employer, insisting that she is a good employee and is unfairly blamed for various shortcomings on a routine basis.When the employer eventually threatens to kill the helper, the helper replies in Cantonese: “kill me then.”The video has received more than 800,000 views since first appearing online less than 24 hours ago. Numerous commenters, often replying in Indonesian Bahasa or Tagalog, expressed their outrage, with many saying the police should have been called.Sadly, if predictably, some netizens seemed to suggest she had brought the attack on herself, insisting she should have simply remained quietYour nationality, wealth, position, race or religion does not give you the right to abuse others or treat them like dirt. #RespectThis video may show graphic violence or gore.——————————–Devastating news of attacking, Assaulting Indonesian maid today in hong kong while she was live on Facebook at her room. Employer Beating her, slapping, threat to kill her. Senseless abusing maids, beating and killing them, no matter where they are, have got to stop. Almighty, protect them from this madness. Let peace prevail. AameenPhysical abuse may give you bruises on the body that hurt but beware the emotional abuse which stabs the heart and scars the soul.

Posted by Time News International on Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The woman also grabbed the domestic worker and demanded to go to the police station. “You’ve made me so angry that I’ve hit a employee now,” she said.

“If I didn’t have to go to jail for chopping you up – I’d chop you up,” the woman said before exiting the room.

The incident came just two days after a jailed local employer, Law Wan-tung, was ordered to pay her former domestic worker Tutik Lestari Ningish HK$170,000 in damages. The court heard that Tutik was subjected to false imprisonment and assault during her employment. Law is currently in jail for abusing domestic worker Erwiana Sulistyaningsih in a case that made international headlines in 2014.

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Video: 'I'd chop you up' - Elderly woman arrested for common assault and intimidation of domestic worker