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Total lunar eclipse: Hong Kong to witness ‘super blue blood moon’ on Wednesday evening

Hongkongers will be able to catch a rare total lunar eclipse event known as the Super Blue Blood Moon on Wednesday evening.

According to the Hong Kong Observatory, “The eclipse will begin at 6.50pm on January 31, attain its maximum at 9.30pm and end at 0.10am early next morning.”

A total lunar eclipse takes place when the moon passes within the earth’s shadow. During the event, the moon — described as a “blue” moon as it is the second full moon in a calendar month — will turn a reddish-brown colour. As the moon is closer to the earth than usual, it is also a “supermoon.”

lunar eclipse

Photo: HKGov.

It is the first blue moon total lunar eclipse in a 150 years, according to Space.com.

The Observatory said that the event will be visible from most places with an unobstructed view to the east under suitable weather conditions.

The public can head to the Central promenade, Kowloon Park Piazza and Sha Tin Park Main Plaza to watch the event via telescopes provided by the Hong Kong Space Museum and local astronomy organisations.

The Hong Kong Observatory, along with other groups, will also jointly provide a webcast on its page during the event.

hong kong lunar eclipse

Photo: HKO.

The next lunar eclipse that can be witnessed in Hong Kong will fall on July 28.

Total lunar eclipse: Hong Kong to witness 'super blue blood moon' on Wednesday evening