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Hong Kong star Eric Tsang denies sexual assault allegations

Hong Kong star Eric Tsang Chi-wai has denied recent rape allegations and said he has taken legal action against one of his accusers.

The 64-year-old actor and filmmaker appeared with his lawyer at a press conference in Hong Kong on Wednesday and read out statements in Cantonese and Mandarin.

He said that he felt a need to respond as the allegations damaged his reputation and caused “unnecessary hurt” to those around him.

eric tsang

Eric Tsang. Photo: Screenshot/Apple Daily.

A video of Yammie Lam, a former Hong Kong actress, claiming that she was raped by two big names in Hong Kong’s entertainment industry during the 1990s recently resurfaced and went viral.

The video was originally published by Hong Kong tabloid Next Magazine in 2013 with the voice of a male interviewer. In the viral video that recently circulated on Chinese social media, the interviewer became a female voice. Lam’s alleged attackers were named by the interviewer in the clip.

Tsang said that the video had been edited and was fictitious.

“Regarding the report which previously circulated online: ‘Eric Tsang sexually violated Yammie Lam,’ I can tell everyone that it’s completely fabricated.”

“Respecting women is a principle that I remain committed to. I am willing to cooperate with any form of investigation. I am also determined to use legal methods to defend my reputation.”

He also addressed a string of allegations made by Grace Han, the former Asia-Pacific president of Ford Models, on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo.

grace han

Photo: Weibo/Grace Han.

Han wrote on her verified Weibo account that it was not the first time he “sexually assaulted female entertainers.” She also recounted an incident where she said Tsang tried to spike the drinks of some of her models at a KTV in Hong Kong.

Tsang said Han’s allegations were “untrue” and added: “I have taken legal action to bring a lawsuit against her. It is now undergoing legal processes.”

“I hope the law can give me a final result and return justice to me, but I hope even more that the bad atmosphere of distributing untrue news on the internet and deliberately slandering others can stop soon.”

After Tsang made his statements, his lawyer warned that those reposting defamatory messages could also be liable for civil lawsuits. He urged the public to delete and stop posting content defaming his client.

There was no Q&A segment for reporters to ask questions.

Hong Kong star Eric Tsang denies sexual assault allegations