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Hong Kong Observation Wheel reopens under new operator

The Hong Kong Observation Wheel reopened on Wednesday after narrowly avoiding demolition in September when its former operator’s lease expired.

The new operator, The Entertainment Corporation Limited (TECL), has reduced the price of a ride on the wheel to HK$20. Concession fares for seniors now cost HK$10 and rides are free for children under three.

ferris big hong kong wheel observation night

File photo: Barnyz, via Flickr.

An adult ticket previously cost HK$100 and a children’s ticket HK$70.

The attraction is now part of the AIA Vitality Park, which will host a wellness-related range of events, attractions and activities beginning in 2018. Access to the park is free of charge.

“In the coming weeks, we look forward to seeing everyone at the Hong Kong Observation Wheel, and AIA Vitality Park, to take in Hong Kong’s spectacular Harbour Front view,” a TECL spokesperson said.

The ferris wheel sits on the Central harbourfront in front of Central Piers No.9 and No.10. Swiss AEX Holding Limited leased the land in May 2013 to construct and operate the tourist attraction.

hong kong observation wheel

File photo: Swiss AEX.

When the lease expired this year, the government said that, unless an agreement to retain the wheel was reached, the site must be cleared to make way for the new tenant. The observation wheel was saved when operators finally reached an agreement at the eleventh hour.

Visitors can book tickets online or at the gate, but TECL recommends that visitors book online to minimise waiting times.

Hong Kong Observation Wheel reopens under new operator