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Las Vegas mass shooting was the ‘price of too much freedom,’ says pro-Beijing lawmaker Ann Chiang

Pro-Beijing lawmaker Ann Chiang has been criticised for claiming that Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas was “the price of too much freedom.”

The incident in the US left at least 59 dead and 527 injured, in what was the deadliest shooting in modern US history.

Chiang, of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, posted a news report on Facebook on Tuesday, saying that she supports gun control: “Murder weapons – can everyone just own them? This is the price of too much freedom!” she wrote.

ann chiang

Ann Chiang. Photo: Ann Chiang, via Facebook.

But some commenters voiced disagreement: “There were mass shootings in other countries without the freedom [to own guns], so was that the price of too little freedom?” one asked. “There have been multiple stabbing incidents in the mainland, so was it the price of too much freedom to buy knives?”

“Please, do not twist this incident to your advantage,” the commenter added.

Another said: “It’s shameful of you to use the dead to your advantage. This is the gunman’s fault, not freedom’s fault. So many people died on June 4 [the 1989 democratic movement in China], so many died because of unjust verdicts in China – why don’t you say it’s the fault of the Communist Party dictatorship?”

Many also said Chiang should not intervene in US internal affairs.


Nai-post ni 蔣麗芸議員 noong Lunes, Oktubre 2, 2017

Others expressed support. One said: “Those pan-democrats… always say the US is great. Open your eyes and see the real world.”

Chiang was elected since 2012 in the Kowloon West constituency. She is currently the chair of the Panel on Education. Her father Chiang Chen once joined a US-funded movement to free China from Communist rule in the 1950s, supported by the CIA.

Las Vegas mass shooting was the 'price of too much freedom,' says pro-Beijing lawmaker Ann Chiang