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Round-up: Int’l media casts skeptical eye over Hong Kong’s ‘election’ of Carrie Lam

The international media cast a skeptical eye over Hong Kong’s electoral process on Sunday, as Carrie Lam was voted in by just 777 electors. Some called the event a “selection,” whilst others drew attention to perceived interference by Beijing. 

Washington Post: ‘A selection not an election’: Pro-Beijing committee picks loyalist to lead Hong Kong

washington post

WSJ: Beijing Favorite Carrie Lam to Be Hong Kong’s Next Leader.

wall street journal

CNN: Hong Kong: Carrie Lam selected to be city’s next leader


Financial Times: Beijing-backed Carrie Lam chosen as next Hong Kong leader.

financial times

BBC: Hong Kong election: Beijing-backed Lam vows to heal divide.


Finnish national broadcaster YLE: China planted a loyal servant as Hong Kong’s next leader.

finish media

The Guardian: Hong Kong elections: Carrie Lam voted leader amid claims of China meddling.


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Round-up: Int'l media casts skeptical eye over Hong Kong's 'election' of Carrie Lam