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Chief Sec. Lam would not want CY’s fans to assist with election campaign, ex-LegCo president suggests

Former Legislative Council president Jasper Tsang Yok-sing has suggested that, should Chief Secretary Carrie Lam run for the chief executive position, she may not be willing to use fans of the current administration to help with her election campaign.

His column in the Chinese-language AM730 paper on Monday featured a back-and-forth between two people surnamed Tang and Chan. Tsang often employs such a format in columns, instead of directly sharing his views.

Carrie Lam

Carrie Lam. File Photo: Gov HK.

Lam has admitted she was reconsidering whether to run for the position, after her boss Leung Chun-ying decided not to run, backtracking from her previous position that she wished to retire. In the column, Tang said it was well known that Lam was loyal to incumbent Hong Kong chief Leung Chun-ying, that she would not have thought of running against him.

But Chan asked if it was too late for Lam, as she had not made any preparations for the election and did not have a team.

Tsang said: “Not a problem. Her loyalty and ability is well seen by the central government and Hong Kong people. Also, people from the Leung administration must be very happy to switch their side to help Lam.”

Chan disagreed: “If I were Lam, I would not dare allow people who overturned Leung’s boat to crawl onto my boat.”

john tsang

John Tsang. File Photo: Gov HK.

Tsang previously said he may run for the position if there was no other candidates aside from Leung. After Leung declared he would not run for a second term, Tsang said he would reconsider the need for him to run.

Meanwhile, Financial Secretary John Tsang handed in his resignation to begin his chief executive election campaign on Monday.

Chief Sec. Lam would not want CY's fans to assist with election campaign, ex-LegCo president suggests