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Suspected ‘razor pickpocket’ thief caught red-handed

A suspected “razor pickpocket” thief was caught red-handed on Tuesday as he apparently attempted to use a razor to cut open the trouser pockets of a man surnamed Pang, according to Apple Daily. The man was wearing a shirt similar to someone filmed attempting a similar stunt earlier in October.

The bus, heading for Kennedy Town, was passing Sai Wan as the suspected pickpocket sat next to Pang and used his backpack to mask his attempt to slice open his trousers. Pang spotted what was happening and shouted for him to stop.

razor pickpocket

The suspected razor pickpocket on the right. Photo: Vincent Huen via Facebook.

The alleged thief and his two accomplices ran off of the bus, with Pang giving chase. He then caught them outside a recycling shop and called the police.

Pang told Apple Daily that “[the suspected pickpocket] was sitting next to me” and that the other two “were in front and behind me.” He said that his arm was sliced and had a sprained hand from the incident.

The suspected pickpocket was later found to be from Hunan. He came to Hong Kong on a Two Way Permit. The Western District Police is following up on the matter.

It is unknown if the man in the video is the same man.

Suspected 'razor pickpocket' thief caught red-handed