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Former lawmaker Raymond Wong jailed for two weeks for hurling glass at Chief Exec. CY Leung

Former lawmaker Raymond Wong Yuk-man has been sentenced to two weeks imprisonment for hurling a glass at Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying at the Legislative Council in July 2014.

Wong was sentenced on Tuesday at the Eastern Magistrates’ Courts. He was charged with common assault last August, and was convicted of assault last Wednesday.


Raymond Wong speaking to supporters outside the Easter Magistrates’ Courts. Photo: Yuk Man Wong via Facebook.

Magistrate Chu Chung-keung said Wong’s action was violent and uncivilised, and that this kind of practice cannot persist. Chu also said Wong had shown no remorse.

The starting point for sentence was three weeks, but considering that the glass was not brought by Wong to intentionally throw at the Chief Executive, and that no one was injured, the sentence was reduced to two weeks.

Wong applied for appeal, and was released on a HK$5,000 bail.

“CY Leung go to hell,” Wong and his supporters shouted outside the courts after the sentence was delivered. Wong said that his actions were a form of resistance in legislature, and the sentencing was political persecution. “This is a long battle, 689 will die before I do,” Wong said.


Photo: PassionTimes via Facebook.

Wong threw a glass at Leung on July 3, 2014 during a questions-and-answers session at the legislature. After Leung entered the chamber, Wong repeatedly threw papers at the Chief Executive, despite security guards’ attempting to stop him. Wong then hurled a glass in Leung’s direction.

The Office of the Chief Executive alerted the police following the incident. The day after, Wong said that he had planned to throw water, but the glass “slipped” out of his hand. He surrendered himself to the police the same day.

Former lawmaker Raymond Wong jailed for two weeks for hurling glass at Chief Exec. CY Leung