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Immigration Dept. staff union endorses pro-Beijing candidates in letter to members

The Immigration Department Staff Association has sent a letter to its members “sincerely recommending” candidates from the pro-Beijing Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions ahead of the Legislative Council elections this Sunday.

In a letter sent to its members on August 19, the union said: “Fellow comrades, we need to take concrete action to help Hong Kong get back on the right track. September 4 is the day of the Legislative Council elections, and it’s a crucial date in terms of whether we can turn crises into opportunities in relation to Hong Kong’s future.”

Wong Kwok-hing (second left). Photo: GovHK.

Wong Kwok-hing (second left). Photo: GovHK.

“The union sincerely recommends candidate no. 806 Wong Kwok-hing for the District Council (second) constituency, and candidate no. 1 Wong Kwok-kin for the Kowloon East constituency.”

Both candidates belong to the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions, and the letter was marked as an “election advertisement.” The union is a member of the Government Employees Association under the FTU. Wong Kwok-kin has made a declaration for the election advertisement in accordance with procedures, according to Stand News.

immigration dept staff asso letter

The letter sent by the Immigration Department’s Staff Association. Photo: Stand News.

The letter criticised filibustering, saying that it has lead to disciplinary forces not getting the funding they need, and commended Wong Kwok-hing for his anti-filibustering efforts. It also said that Wong Kwok-kin has worked hard to ensure the welfare of front-line forces.

The union, responding to inquiries by Apple Daily, said that the letter was only sent to members who lived in Kowloon East and was merely a recommendation.

james to

James To. Photo: 涂謹申個人網頁 via Facebook.

The Hong Kong Clerical Grades Civil Servants General Union also sent out an email to its members that recommended the Democratic Party’s James To Kun-sun. To has provided duty lawyer services to the group since the 1990s. The union’s Leung Chau-ting said that all relevant documents were submitted to the Registration and Electoral Office in accordance with the declaration procedure.

Immigration Dept. staff union endorses pro-Beijing candidates in letter to members