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Pan-dem district councillor Andy Chui to run for LegCo despite opposition from his own volunteers

Pan-democratic District Councillor Andy Chui Chi-kin has announced that he will run in the Legislative Council election this September despite opposition from his campaign volunteers, who signed an open letter earlier saying he should not do so.

The public letter issued by Chui’s campaign volunteers said the nature of the Legislative Council elections make the pan-democratic camp susceptible to division. It said that Chui would be “ignoring the reality of politics” if he insisted on running in September’s election.

Andy Chui

Andy Chui at a July 1st protest. Photo: Andy Chui via Facebook.

Chui told Apple Daily he was not afraid that he would take votes away from other pan-democratic candidates, as his voters are people who don’t usually care about politics or vote in elections. He said he hoped to gain one of the six seats in the Hong Kong Island district.

“I see that when citizens are very dissatisfied, they will want to come out to vote… Hong Kong’s situation is already bad enough – I really hope that there is a way to make people who did not want to come out to vote cast their ballot,” said Chui. “Only by increasing voting turnout can we have change to put the unbalanced Legislative Council back on the right path, and this is exactly why I want to participate in elections.”

He said in a statement published on Thursday that he had hoped that the “Thunder Go” plan would work out, but unfortunately it did not. The plan was announced in early February by the University of Hong Kong’s assistant law professor Benny Tai Yiu-ting. It calls for pan-democrats to work together to win more than half the seats in the Legislative Council elections in September.

Andy Chui Chi-kin

Andy Chui Chi-kin. File photo: Stand News.

Chui said there might be people doubting that he will do well as a full time district councillor if he also became a lawmaker, but he said that “there are many ‘double councillors’ who do both jobs, such as Leung Yiu-chung and Gary Fan. Especially Gary Fan, who not only performed brilliantly in legislature, but also led his party to get 15 seats in the district council.”

Pan-dem district councillor Andy Chui to run for LegCo despite opposition from his own volunteers