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Executive Council’s closed meetings contradict current political mood, says outgoing LegCo president

The executive council’s closed meetings contradict the mood of the current political environment, said Jasper Tsang, the outgoing Legislative Council President, in an interview with RTHK.

The council’s structure is outdated and should be changed, according to Tsang. If an organisation that did not derive its power from the people had such power, it would be a very big contradiction in today’s political environment, he said. The Executive Council, Hong Kong’s top policy-making body, consists of advisers to the Chief Executive who make policy for the government.

He said that he would not ask to join the executive council himself. Whether he will join the body would depend on his health and who becomes the Chief Executive, said Tsang.

Jasper Tsang Yok-sing

Jasper Tsang Yok-sing. Photo: Stand News.


Tsang said that he does not know about economics or finance, and these are flaws that would not make him a good choice for Hong Kong’s leader. “If you don’t know anything about economics and financial services… there will definitely be flaws.”

He said, however, that the lack of known candidates at this stage is not out of the ordinary. “Those who have qualifications to run in the election are those who are relatively well known, or even those who are in charge of… important positions. So they cannot just come out and… drop everything to run in the election. They have to find the right time,” he said.

Carrie Lam John Tsang

Carrie Lam and John Tsang. File Photo: Stand News/Apple Daily.

He said that Financial Secretary John Tsang and Chief Secretary of Administration Carrie Lam both have the qualifications to become the next Chief Executive.

Executive Council's closed meetings contradict current political mood, says outgoing LegCo president