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Hong Kong melts with temperatures expected to soar to 34 degrees Celsius this week

Hong Kong is in for a very hot week as temperatures are expected to soar to 34 degrees Celsius under the influence of the subtropical ridge.

At noon on Tuesday, the air temperature was 32 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity stood at 66 per cent. The weather was mainly fine and very hot aside from isolated showers, with light to moderate southerly winds. The Very Hot Weather Warning remained in force on Tuesday.

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Photo: hko.gov.hk.

According to the Hong Kong Observatory, temperatures will continue to rise, peaking at 34 degrees Celsius this coming Thursday and Friday.


Photo: hko.gov.hk.

“The subtropical ridge will persist over southern China throughout this week, bringing generally fine and very hot weather to the region. With the weakening of the subtropical ridge early next week, showers will affect the coast of Guangdong and the northern part of the South China Sea,” said the Observatory report.

The Home Affairs Department opened 15 temporary night heat shelters on Monday night from 10:30pm till 8am Tuesday for people in need of refuge from the heat, and will announce later in the day should similar arrangements be made for Tuesday.

In China, temperatures reached 35 degrees Celsius last week, prompting one elderly woman to repurpose a car bonnet as a grill.

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Over the next couple of days, the weather in Hong Kong is expected to be fine and very hot. Showers are expected to hit on Sunday and continue into next week. Temperatures will also gradually go down.

Hong Kong melts with temperatures expected to soar to 34 degrees Celsius this week