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Cement mixer truck crash closes part of Tai Lam Tunnel

A cement mixer truck crashed into the wall of Tai Lam Tunnel near Yuen Long on Monday afternoon, injuring two people.

traffic accident at tai lam tunnel

Traffic accident at Tai Lam Tunnel (Yuen Long). Photo: Apple Daily.

Due to the traffic accident, the fast and middle lanes of the northbound tube of the tunnel are closed to all traffic.

traffic queue at tai lam tunnel

Traffic queue at Tai Lam Tunnel (Yuen Long) entrance. Photo: Apple Daily.

The slow lane is still available to motorists, but they are advised to use alternative routes such as Tuen Mun Road because the traffic is very congested now, according to the Transport Department.

tunnel wall of tai lam tunnel after accident

Wall of Tai Lam Tunnel (Yuen Long) after the cement mixer truck crash. Photo: Apple Daily.

After the cement mixer truck crashed into the wall, it tumbled across the road, hitting a container truck. The tunnel company attempted to drag the cement mixer truck into the fast lane, but was unsuccessful, Apple Daily reported.

Cement mixer truck crash closes part of Tai Lam Tunnel