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Schick’s Tsang schtick raises online eyebrows

A photo of Civic Party member Ken Tsang posted by razor brand Schick raised eyebrows and attracted more than 1,500 Facebook “likes” on Thursday. The post features a photo of Tsang with the words: “Is it fair? You got beaten for a nice beard…”

The caption underneath reads: “Really just talking about growing a beard!” with hashtags such as “seven dwarves” and “good will always prevails over evil”.

“I originally changed to use another razor, but I had to go back and buy a pack of your razor blades to feel the ‘blades of righteousness’. Hope I can get a clean shave and won’t be beaten by ‘seven things’,” one commenter said.

The company also commented on their own post: “[We are] so scared if [we] don’t say it today, we will not have any chance, even if we want to say it tomorrow.”

Schick's Tsang schtick raises online eyebrows