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China military’s ‘Kill! Kill! Kill!’ video warns of war at ‘any moment’

A new Chinese military recruitment video titled “Fight Declaration” was released last week in the midst of China’s growing military activity and presence in the disputed South China Sea region.

The video was accompanied by a description on the China Military Online site.

“Are cool recruitment videos not satisfying enough for you? We’ll give you a dozen! We mixed different cuts together to create a brilliant and bloody picture. When you finish watching it, you will become the next god of the barracks!”

The video begins with several statements about the military.

“There is always a mission in your mind. There are always enemies in your vision. There are always responsibilities you will shoulder. There will always be passion in your chest. War can break out at any moment. Are you ready?”

China Propaganda Opening

Photo: China Military Online.

It then shifts to a song containing lyrics about war, the strength of Chinese soldiers, and riffs composed of repeated words such as “kill, kill, kill” and “go, go, go, go”.

Chinese Jets Propaganda Video

Photo: China Military Online.

Scenes in the video include Chinese soldiers firing weapons, operating military vehicles, and marching. Missile launches and gunfire are also shown.

China Propaganda Guns

Photo: China Military Online.

The release of the video comes on the heels of China’s growing military presence in the South China Sea. Dating back to last year China has conducted military drills and reclaimed land in the disputed area, adding missile deployment and tourist visits to the man-made islands this year.

China Propaganda Jet

Photo: China Military Online.

Earlier this year, the U.S. and EU warned China that it needs to respect an international court ruling expected later in the year with regards to the territory disputes in the South China Sea, with Australia joining the U.S. in an effort to toughen their position in the region.

China Propaganda Missile

Photo: China Military Online.

Last month, China’s actions drew concern from the U.S. over its intentions and ambitions.

This is not the first piece of state media to show Chinese forces at work. In 2012, a highlight-reel of arrests, raids, and crime-fighting was published by Foshan’s “Interpol No. 8” special forces team.

China military's 'Kill! Kill! Kill!' video warns of war at 'any moment'