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Gov’t to bring Wi-Fi outdoors and introduce 1,000 new hotspots

The government is bringing free Wi-Fi hotspots outdoors amid plans to expand the service to 1,000 locations around the city.

Deputy Government Chief Information Officer Victor Lam Wai-kiu said the government will be testing free Wi-Fi hotspots at around 100 outdoor places – mainly in parks, waterfront promenades and other sitting-out areas, Commercial Radio reported.

waterfront promenade

Waterfront promenade. Photo: Wiki Commons

He also added the public expected more free Wi-Fi hotspots for public transport interchanges, tourist locations and public housing estates according to their survey on the demand for Wi-Fi.

Around 1,000 hotspots will be added to the city this year, Lam said.

policy address cy leung 2016

Photo: HKFP.

The government announced in its Policy Address that the number of free public Wi-Fi hotspots would be doubled to 34,000 in three years to facilitate easy access to the internet by the public.

Wi-Fi HK was started in 2014 and currently boasts over 17,000 free hotspots by 30 providers.

Gov't to bring Wi-Fi outdoors and introduce 1,000 new hotspots