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Opposition parties committing ‘character assassination’ against CY Leung, says his Info Coordinator

Opposition parties are committing character assassination against Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying every day, says former pan-democrat and current Information Coordinator for the Office of Chief Executive Andrew Fung Wai-kwong. Fung has also said that opposition parties were criticising Leung without evidence.

“Scolding and criticising does not cost anything. Without presenting evidence, there will be certain anti-government media who will help you render and distort truths,” Fung wrote in HKHeadline.

andrew fung

File Photo: Apple Daily.

“But the person who truly cares about the grassroots, rolling out and implementing policies beneficial to citizens, is Leung Chun-ying, who gets ‘character assassinated’ by opposition parties every day.”

Fung criticised opposition parties for neglecting Leung’s policies when they criticised him for hindering the development of Hong Kong.

He listed Leung’s policies which helped the elderly and low-income people, such as the expansion of the HK$2 public transport fare concessions, the re-establishment of the Commission on Poverty and an increase in the Old Age Living Allowance.

“Please let the truth and statistics speak. Please be fair,” said Fung.

Opposition parties committing 'character assassination' against CY Leung, says his Info Coordinator