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Widow of stabbed 7-Eleven shop owner thanks public for donations, asks for space

The widow of the 7-Eleven shop owner who died after being stabbed in his own store has thanked the public for their “care and support”, after citizens donated HK$1.6 million within eight hours on Wednesday.

Ms Cheng, the widow of the deceased shop owner Cheng Ka-pui, has also asked for “acceptance” and “understanding”, saying that she would not announce donations total received for now.

7-eleven donation receipts

7-eleven donation receipts. Photo: Facebook

“My family and I ask everyone to consider our family’s feelings, and give us some quiet space to handle Cheng’s funeral matters,” said Mrs Cheng in an open letter to the media.

“The donation campaign initiated by 7-Eleven for us received an enthusiastic response from many kind people. Your actions have really touched us, reflecting how Hong Kong citizens are very caring, making us feel the love and warmth of humanity,” she said.

The donation campaign started at 8am on Wednesday, and collected HK$1.6 million in donations within eight hours. It will end on March 24.

A 7-Eleven spokesperson said that a review of all public donations will be carried out by an independent auditor before handing over the donations in full to the family of the deceased. The company has also released an emergency relief fund to the family.

Police investigating at the 7-Eleven store.

Police investigating at the 7-Eleven store. File Photo: Apple Daily.

Shop owner Cheng Ka-pui died on Monday after being stabbed last Tuesday in his 7-Eleven shop at Yau Ma Tei. CCTV records showed the two men arguing before the suspect stabbed Cheng with a 20 centimetre-long knife. Cheng had reportedly discovered the perpetrator shoplifting a packet of crisps and a carton of chocolate milk.

A 32-year-old man has been arrested for the crime and appeared in court last Saturday. The police have now reclassified the case from attempted murder to murder.

Widow of stabbed 7-Eleven shop owner thanks public for donations, asks for space