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Knifeman wanted following vicious attack on 7-11 cashier in Yau Ma Tei

A man suspected of stabbing a convenience store cashier in Yau Ma Tei is being sought by police, as the injured worker remains in intensive care.

The attack happened at a 7-11 store on Pitt Street on Tuesday evening. CCTV records showed the two men arguing before the suspect stabbed the 39-year-old with a 20 centimetre long knife. The perpetrator then fled the scene.

yau ma tei attack 7-11

CCTV footage recorded the attack. Photo: Apple Daily.

The cashier had earlier called the police about a case of shoplifting, reported RTHK. When police officers arrived, the victim was found unconscious and stabbed in the chest. The police said that they believe the two cases are related.

“We found that his chest was wounded, then sent him to the hospital. After investigation, [we] believe that the suspect’s motive is [because] the victim… discovered that he had shoplifted. While the two argued, the suspect took out a knife and attacked the victim,” said Police Assistant District Commander for Yau Tsim Mong District Cheng Lai-ki.

7-11 attack

Photo: Michael Man, via Facebook.

The police have issued a warrant for a man described as ethnically South Asian and of 25 to 35 years old. The suspect was wearing jeans, a light-coloured jacket, a pair of black and white trainers and a dark blue cap. The police said that he was carrying a black backpack and a black sling bag.

yau ma tei attack 7-11

The victim is in critical condition. Photo: Apple Daily.

After the attack, the police closed the area around the convenience store and searched for the suspect. A knife was found 10 metres from the store as police dogs detected traces of blood on Nathan Road.

Cheng said that the suspect fled from the store along Portland Street. She added that the suspect himself might also be injured.

The victim is in critical condition and remains in intensive care unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Apple Daily reported.  A 7-11 spokesperson condemned the attack.

Click to view video . Warning: Graphic content.

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Knifeman wanted following vicious attack on 7-11 cashier in Yau Ma Tei