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CUHK’s Shaw College breaks Guinness World Record for most glass bottles collected in an hour

The Chinese University of Hong Kong broke the Guinness World Record for collecting the most glass bottles in an hour on Sunday.

550 alumni of Shaw College, current students and members of the public took part in the Follow the Green Brick Road: Glass Bottle Recycling Challenge event for the university’s 30th anniversary, collecting 1.1 tonnes of glass bottles.

The bottles will get a second lease of life as eco-friendly bricks, which will be used to pave the university’s Alumni Trail.

recycling glass bottles

Photo: Facebook via CUHK Shaw College Alumni Association.

“Hong Kong sends 9,000 tonnes of rubbish to the landfill every day,” said secretary for environment Wong Kam-sing who attended the event. Around two percent are glass bottles.

Wong said the government will begin to prioritise recycling glass bottles, reported the Oriental Daily. The administration had in the past come under fire for the lack of glass recycling infrastructure in the city.

Hong Kong faces two major difficulties when it comes to recycling glass bottles – the city’s lack of a glass recycling factory and the fact that few glass bottles can be used to make eco-friendly blocks, said Wong. However, he added that many major infrastructure projects were now using glass as a drainage layer or filler material.

guinness world records

The event is an official attempt to break the Guinness World Record. Photo: CUHK Shaw College Alumni Association.

The government is currently proposing a new producer responsibility scheme, where businesses that import or distribute beverages in glass bottles will pay a recycling fee. It hopes to pass the proposal in the current legislative session.

CUHK's Shaw College breaks Guinness World Record for most glass bottles collected in an hour