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Infant’s body found floating near Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter

The corpse of a newborn child was found in waters off the typhoon shelter in Aberdeen on Tuesday morning. The body, tied to an iron box with red strings, was discovered in between two fishing boats, Apple Daily reported.

Police told HKFP it was a male corpse and that the force’s crime unit is investigating the case. A boat owner alerted the police at 7:40am.

baby corpse found

The infant corpse was retrieved from waters off Aberdeen Typhoon shelter. Photo: Apple Daily.

Apple Daily cited a police superintendent as saying that the baby boy still had his umbilical cord and placenta attached to him. He was tied to a box weighing over five kilograms with a red string about two to three metres long.

Police said they will carry out an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Infant's body found floating near Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter