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CY: I will invite young election candidates to join committees

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Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying has said he will invite young candidates who ran in the District Council elections on Sunday to join government committees, if they are interested.

“I am happy to see that many young people took part in the District Council elections, and many have won,” Leung said, ahead of the weekly Executive Council meeting on Tuesday, “No matter if they won or lost, I will ask my government colleagues to especially contact them, to understand their interests in society and in district service.”

“The government often has vacancies on some committees and consultation organisations, and if they are interested, I am willing to invite them to work there, so that they can represent the new generation and serve society,” he said.

leung chun ying

Chief Executive CY Leung. Photo: Apple Daily.

When asked by reporters whether the government was confident in inviting these young candidates, as many of those who won were not satisfied with the government, Leung said that the government appointed people based on their talents.

He added that no matter what political stance they have, the government is willing to listen to their opinions in different consultation structures if they wanted to serve.

Gary Fan Kwok-Wai of the Neo Democrats Party, to which several of the successful young candidates belong, said on a Commercial Radio show that inviting young candidates to join government committees is not unusual.

Fan said that he was invited to join a committee when he was first elected as a district councillor in 1999. He added that whether his party members would participate would depend on which committees they were invited to join and how it will affect their work in their districts.

CY: I will invite young election candidates to join committees