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HKFP History: Portal into the past – James Wong’s ‘back to the future’ photography

Photographer James Wong shares his “portal into the past” images with Hong Kong Free Press. Using old photos of Hong Kong, Wong aligns historical moments from local history with the present. Follow his work on Twitter, Instagram and Flickr.

the queen in hong kong

Queen Elizabeth II inspects the Gurkha troops at Hong Kong City Hall, 4 May 1975. Photo: James Wong.

Lui Seng Chun

Lui Seng Chun. Photo: James Wong.

kowloon city

Kowloon City in 1988. Photo: James Wong.

kowloon city

Victoria Harbour in the 1980s. Photo: James Wong.

Wong has also applied his idea in other places of importance around the world.

ronald reagan assassination

Moments before shots were fired at Ronald Reagan on March 30th, 1981 at the Washington Hilton Hotel. Photo: James Wong.

MLK in washington

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. acknowledges the crowd at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial before or after his famous “I have a Dream” speech on August 28th, 1963. Photo: James Wong.

queen elizabeth in canada

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on tour in Canada at the Banff Spring Hotel with Prime Minister W.L. MacKenzie-King. May 27th, 1939. Photo: James Wong.

US capitol under construction

US Capitol Dome under construction c.1862. Photo: James Wong.

HKFP History: Portal into the past - James Wong's 'back to the future' photography