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I would hire HKU Student Union President Billy Fung, business tycoon says

A local business tycoon has publicly said that he would hire University of Hong Kong (HKU) Student Union president Billy Fung Jing-en. Fung has been criticised by renowned philosopher Lee Tien-ming, director Wong Jing and pro-Beijing columnist Chris Wat Wing-yin who said that he was unhirable as he lacked integrity after disclosing confidential information regarding the HKU Council.

Wealthy businessman Kwok Shiu-ming said on Wednesday that if Fung was willing to be hired by his company in the next three years, he would be paid at least HK$20,000 a month, “in order to support your independent and brave action against suppression.”

Billy Fung (left) and Kwok Shiu-ming (right).

Billy Fung (left) and Kwok Shiu-ming (right). Photo: Facebook/HKU Undergrad and Soc Rec.

Kwok said: “Hong Kong’s politics is getting the smell of ‘Cultural Revolution’, I want to speak out for justice. If no one in society dares to stand up, can we have justice anymore?” He said that HKU Council member Arthur Li Kwok-cheung was “rubbish.”

“If he does not believe it, I will put the money at my lawyer’s office,” he added.

Kwok owns multiple companies. He ran in a LegCo by-election independently in 2010 and was previously Honorary Consul of Mongolia in Hong Kong.

Billy Fung Jing-en came under fire from members of the HKU Council for disclosing confidential information regarding the controversial appointment of the pro-vice-chancellor.

I would hire HKU Student Union President Billy Fung, business tycoon says