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University students in Hunan made to pick majors out of a hat

Hundreds of university students at the University of South China in Hunan have been made to choose their majors through a lottery system, according to state media. The top 32% of civil engineering students were allowed free choice, while the remainder queued to pick their major through a randomised lucky draw system.

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Of the seven majors available, overcrowding was occurring as the 585 second-year students competed to sign up to classes. The policy has reportedly been in place for years, though students going through the lottery are allowed to exchange majors with other students.

Critics, including writers and internet users, have referred to this policy as “lazy”, “irresponsible” and “an act of discrimination.”

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Students at the school however do not necessarily agree.

One student told Beijing Times, “I think it is quite fair. Students are encouraged to study hard to gain the chance to freely choose majors. Even if we get a dissatisfying major after the lottery, we can exchange it with others.”

University students in Hunan made to pick majors out of a hat