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Bank’s HK$400 a year attendance bonus backfires

The Hong Kong branch of Singaporean bank Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) has rolled out an incentives programme which awards employees HK$400 in coupons if they haven’t taken a single day’s sick leave over a whole year.

The programme has backfired among employees, who said the bonus is offensively low, according to local newspaper Apple Daily.

ocbc sick leave bonus

A branch of OCBC in Hong Kong. Photo: Wikipedia

OCBC sent an email to its workers in Hong Kong recently, announcing that those who take no sick leave between January 1 and December 31 this year will receive HK$400 in healthcare, supermarket or movie theatre coupons. Those who have taken fewer than two days of sick leave by the end of the year will receive HK$200 in coupons.

“[The company] will have to add at least one more zero for me to consider this, I don’t think anyone will not take sick leave just to get HK$400,” an unidentified employee told Apple Daily.

The employee said the low incentives make OCBC look very “stingy” and “calculated.”

In reply to the newspaper’s inquiry, a spokesperson for OCBC Hong Kong said the bonus incentives were part of the company’s drive to encourage employees to be healthier and take less sick leave.

Bank's HK$400 a year attendance bonus backfires