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Two thieves steal 84 boxes of Maxim’s mooncakes worth HK$20K

Eighty-four boxes of mooncakes worth a total of HK$20,000 were stolen from a Maxim’s Cakes branch in Cheung Sha Wan, it was discovered on Monday morning. Two men are wanted in connection with the case.

The burglary was discovered by member of staff when she went into work on Monday morning. She noticed that the two locks on the front gate were missing and there were signs of ransacking, Ming Pao reported.

Some coupons for mooncakes, which had already been redeemed by customers, were also stolen.

File Photo: Photo: Wikimedia Commons via Hungmiauzhe.

A Maxim’s Cakes shopfront. Photo: Wikimedia Commons via Hungmiauzhe.

Police inspected the shop and found that the switch to the electric sliding gate was broken. The back door was also forced open. They suspected that the thieves entered the shop through the back door and may have been equipped with trolleys and cars.

Two ethnic Chinese men around 25 to 35 years old are wanted by the police.

A Maxim’s spokesperson told the newspaper that when consumers buy mooncake coupons, they should check if the coupons have been tampered with. Consumers should only purchase coupons at Maxim’s branches or franchised shops.

Two thieves steal 84 boxes of Maxim's mooncakes worth HK$20K