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Father throws daughters off building, commits suicide

A father in China threw his two daughters, eight and five, off an 11-storey building before jumping to death himself, according to Jiangxi TV on Thursday.

A witness told the local broadcaster he saw the two girls being tossed down from the top of the residential building in Ruichang, Jiangxi Province at around 9am Wednesday. The trio were killed instantly.

father kills daughters

Photo: 花园中的北极熊 via Weibo.

A woman who also lives in the building said she saw the father and his two girls earlier that day. “He was dragging the two daughters into the lift,” she recalled, “the elder daughter asked, ‘where are we going?’ ”

The neighbours said the father was a construction worker and that his wife recently left him. Local police are investigating the case.

Father throws daughters off building, commits suicide