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State media calls on Hong Kong to ‘finish decolonisation’

Hong Kong needs to complete the “historic mission of decolonisation” before it’s fit to have universal suffrage, says a commentary in the overseas edition of People’s Daily, the Chinese communist party’s official newspaper, on Tuesday. The article also calls for the legislation of anti-subversion law under Article 23.

people's daily

A commentary in People’s Daily titled “What should Hong Kong do post-political reform?”

“Before the historic mission of decolonisation in the Hong Kong society is finished, before different sectors of the Hong Kong society have a comprehensive and accurate understanding and knowledge of the ‘One Country Two Systems’, the Basic Law, the relationship between the central government and the SAR, the central government’s absolute governance right and Hong Kong’s legal status as an SAR, Hong Kong will not be fit to have ‘double universal suffrage’.”


The article is one of a series of commentaries attacking Hong Kong’s pan-democratic camp after 27 pan-democratic lawmakers and one independent lawmaker vetoed a constitutional reform plan proposed by the government nearly two weeks ago. In it, the newspaper criticises opposition groups who are advocating restarting the “five-step process of political reform” or rewriting the Basic Law. Their “radical and absurd” requests will never be met, the newspaper says.

The lack of national security law has led to a missing sense of national identity among Hong Kong young people, the article says. It also calls people advocating for Hong Kong independence “a group of reckless demons dancing like mad.”

State media calls on Hong Kong to 'finish decolonisation'