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Police holds man after drug raid in Mong Kok

Police raided a drug production centre in Mong Kok Tuesday night, arresting a 53-year-old man and confiscating a total amount of narcotics worth $2.3 million.

The man, who was believed to be associated with triad groups, was arrested for his suspected role in drug trafficking and drug manufacturing.

Police later raided his flat and confiscated what they believed to be three kilograms of heroin, 650 grams of methamphetamine (more commonly known as ‘ice’), one kilogram of white powder and several tools used for drug production.


A sample of methamphetamine. Photo: WikiMedia

Hong Kong laws stipulate that the maximum penalty for drug trafficking or drug manufacturing is a fine of $5 million and imprisonment for life. The Security Bureau currently operates several drug treatment and rehabilitation programmes to help drug dependent persons quit their habits.

Police holds man after drug raid in Mong Kok