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Man buys RMB2,400 iPhone 6, only to find out it’s using Android system

A man in China found his iPhone 6, bought for RMB2,400 through Wechat, was a counterfeit after discovering its operating system was Android instead of Apple’s IOS, according to mainland newspaper Morning Express.

fake iPhone 6 android

A fake iPhone 6 sold in China. Photo:

The report said authorities in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province received calls for help earlier this week from a man who said he bought a fake iPhone 6 from an online shop. A day later, another victim came forward saying he bought three of the fake gadgets for the same price. Investigators later found the phones were sold by a local woman, aged around 20.

The suspect said she was selling the phones for a friend in Guangdong for a commission and had no idea they were fake.

Photo: davidgsteadman

Man buys RMB2,400 iPhone 6, only to find out it's using Android system